Support Groups

Support groups provide an opportunity for participants to share and connect with others experiencing similar issues, explore thoughts and feelings in a comfortable and safe environment, learn and foster new coping skills, and decrease feelings of isolation. We have many support groups currently running, click here to get more information.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be a powerful tool in managing personal issues, transitions and conflicts. Our therapists specialize in substance abuse/recovery, anxiety, depression, anger management, infertility, career transitions (with VISTa card assessment!and other life transitions.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can provide a safe space to work on communication and understanding couple dynamics.  We have therapists who specialize in infertility, parenting,  adoption, divorceinfidelity, and LGBTQ.

Family Therapy

Our families are the primary unit in which we interact and the foundation of our social system and personal relationships. Our counseling works to address family issues and emotional or behavioral problems and make adjustments to encourage a more connected, supportive and harmonious household.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Whether it is  academic, social, drug and/or alcohol use, behavioral problems, anxietiesmoodiness or isolation or even an uncooperative and disrespectful attitude, children and teens often struggle to cope. We help develop skills and mechanisms to overcome difficulties and better handle the stress of growing up.

Infertility Support

If you are struggling to cope with feelings of frustration, loss and relationship challenges that can result in difficulty with conceiving or from the difficult process of going through infertility treatments, we can offer you caring and guided support. The Circle of Life Center provides support through infertility groups, individual & couples therapy, infertility support mp3’s, infertility resources as well as psychological evaluations for donors and surrogates.

Community Workshops

The Circle of Life Center leads annual Vision Board Workshops, teleseminars, Clinical networking and community education meetings. Clinicians available for public speaking events.