Ada Andrade

Ada Andrade, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LIC #118854

My name is Ada Andrade and I’m a bilingual (Spanish/English) Marriage & Family Therapist. My specialties include working with adults, young adults and adolescents (ages 10 & up); trauma (emotional, physical, sexual, neglect), PTSD, C-PTSD, Narcissistic Relationships (Parents/Partners), Depression and Anxiety. I work closely with individuals who have experienced a recent trauma, struggle with negative thoughts, low self-worth, panic attacks, low motivation and feeling hopeless.

Every trauma is different and every healing journey is different. Living with traumatic past events such as emotional abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence can leave one feeling alone, trapped and unheard. Together, healing is possible. I help individuals through empowering personal growth and teaching skills to thrive. From a non-judgmental and empathetic stance, I will provide you with guidance to help you manage your life.

It is essential for my client to know they can build a therapeutic relationship in an environment that is judgment free, empathetic, accepting, and validating their own thoughts & feelings. I meet each of my clients where they are in their life path & focus on their personal growth & healing. You are the expert in your own life, I’m just here in your journey.

I have been working as a mental health therapist for close to 10 years in California and Colorado. Throughout my career, I have provided a variety of therapies including individual, school-based, and in-home therapy. I have worked predominantly with individuals focusing on trauma and trauma related symptoms (depression, anxiety, PTSD). In order to receive quality services, I believe an authentic relationship between the client and the therapist holds immense value in the therapeutic relationship. Most importantly with validation, empathy, and acceptance, meeting each client where they are in their journey is essential to their therapeutic growth.