Anjoli Kumra, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

(805) 494-1414

On a societal level we are going through massive change and before change occurs, there is chaos. Many people are also experiencing this collective change on an individual level. To ground ourselves during this transitional time, we can anchor ourselves to what we are becoming in the future. Your future self will thank you.


I feel passionate about holding space for others and allowing intimacy, connection, warmth, and creativity into each session. I use embodiment, spirituality, visualization, and guided meditation so you are able to heal and create the life you desire. I work through a client-centered lens which means meeting you where you are at and fulfilling whatever is needed in the moment during session. All parts of you are welcome.


In these intense times it is normal to feel overwhelm, grief, confusion, and many other emotions. With the adjustment many people have had to go through with the global pandemic, many things may have come to the surface that are worth taking a look at. It’s a great time to heal these patterns and accept yourself fully.