Sara Rector LMFT

Sara specializes in:

• Relationship Therapy
• Codependency Issues
• Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

Sara has led support groups since 1992.
She has been associated with RESOLVE since 1995. She coordinates speakers and topics for RESOLVE’s quarterly education meetings. She also:

• Leads RESOLVE Support Groups
• Writes Articles
• Lectures at RESOLVE Symposiums

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Sara Rector, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
CA. LIC# MFC31230
(805) 494-1414

“There are two things in life:

Love and Work.” –Freud–

Satisfying, successful relationships are the key to personal happiness. To achieve this, it’s important to explore current patterns of interacting that are not working: expressing old wounds, exploring new perspectives, and developing and strengthening new communication skills.

I have been in private practice in the Thousand Oaks area since 1991 helping individuals, couples, and families deal with relationship and communication issues in traditional and creative ways. I help people access their own inner resources and strengths. My focus is strength building and self-development.

Codependency Issues
When we grow up in homes where people are struggling with alcohol, drugs, and abuse issues, there are gaps in our learning about relationships with ourselves and others. Becoming aware of those “holes in our souls,” and embracing them to create a new “whole” is the work of codependency.

I have run groups dealing with Codependency for over a decade, and have  found a healing combination of education and therapeutic interventions that replace isolation and loneliness, creating awareness and connection. I also work on codependency issues with individuals, couples and families.

Relationship Therapy
I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups using cognitive, skill training, talk and expressive therapies including: guided imagery, dream work and voice dialogue, among others. My approach is respectful and trusting of your own internal pace. My  goal is to create an environment for you to access your own inner strength and well-being.

Personal and Professional Self Development and Goal Setting

Before I became a therapist, I worked as a District Manager for Verizon and one of the things I loved was setting goals and achieving them. It has been said, “those that do not set their own goals are destined to fulfill the goals of others.”

Prosperity Consciousness is believing that what you want is out there waiting for you, and you deserve it. Together, we will help identify your true goals and desires, and create a roadmap and a method for you to achieve them.

Infertility and Reproductive Issues
If you are struggling to cope with feelings of frustration, stress, loss, and relationship challenges that can result from difficulty in conceiving a baby, or from the difficult and painful process of going through infertility treatments, I can offer you caring, sensitive and guided support.

Having personally experienced infertility and its effects, I developed a unique program that can help you to feel more empowered, in control, and at peace with the options, decisions and challenges you may now be facing.

I can help you increase your clarity about choices and options. This can be done in my office or over the phone depending on your specific needs, location and preferences.