Sarah Pashalides, Psy.D, BCBA-D
Licensed Psychologist PSY24825
Board Certified Behavior Analyst #1-12-10239
(818) 324-0423

Make Positive Changes in Your Life

I strongly believe that everyone can make positive changes in his or her life.  In therapy sessions, I strive to create a warm, supportive and collaborate environment, where individuals can feel safe to work through difficult emotions, thoughts and experiences.

I enjoy working with children, adolescents, and adults.
My areas of practice include anxiety and stress management, anger management, social skills training, autism spectrum disorders, attention and focus difficulties, self-esteem and confidence building, life transitions, relationship issues, and parenting and behavior management for children and teens.  I have extensive experience working with children and adolescents with an autism spectrum disorder and their families.  My doctoral project investigated self-esteem issues in high functioning adolescents on the autism spectrum.

I am an active and creative clinician who uses a variety of cognitive and behavioral strategies with adults, as well as art, play, games, books, role-plays, and other activities with younger clients.  When working with children and adolescents, I collaborate actively with parents.  I also enjoy collaborating with other professionals that may be part of a client’s treatment team.

As a cognitive behavioral therapist I believe that our thoughts influence our feelings and mood, which, in turn, influence our choices.  When we think realistically and positively, we feel better and make healthier life choices.  I strive to give my clients the tools and strategies so they can feel empowered to make these positive and healthy changes in their life.

I received my Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from California Lutheran University, and a Doctorate in Psychology from Alliant International University.

I am also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I have special expertise in Learning Theory and Applied Behavior Analysis.  I feel that emotional and behavior strategies complement each other and can both be utilized effectively in therapy.

In addition to my private practice, I also work for a company that provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for children with autism spectrum disorders.  There, I assess and diagnose children with autism and related childhood issues, create and implement quality ABA treatment programs, and supervise behavior therapists.