Susan Lamb, MFT 
Marriage and Family Therapists
LIC #112400

It takes real courage to stop pretending you have it all together and shake hands with deep sadness or childhood trauma. I believe many emotions serve as flags indicating an opportunity for us to learn and gain more understanding about ourselves. Whether you are dealing with disappointment, sorrow, conflict, resentment, depression or anxiety, exploration of these tender spots can be a path to growth and change. Therapy can provide a meaningful relational setting where your unique experience and feelings can be expressed and understood, thereby increasing your ability to face life’s inevitable challenges.

On my path to becoming a licensed MFT, I raised 3 boys and worked as a yoga/mindfulness instructor. I received my clinical training working with individuals, couples, and families through the Calif. Lutheran Community Counseling Center. I also worked with individuals and families affected by domestic violence through their Intimate Partner Violence program.

I have received training in Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples as well as Reflective Parenting; a powerful tool in strengthening parent’s relationships with their children. I love this work and I welcome the opportunity to support you in moving forward and growing beyond the places you may feel stuck.

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